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Embedded System

The Working life of Embedded systems will be improved with efficient Qfour's experimental learning,..


IOT and Machine Learing

The Technology makes it possible to collect data for use in Business intelligence, learn IOT and ML with Qfour's expermental learning,...


Linux Programming

It rules the world, get experimented with Qfour's linux programming,...


Python Programming and Cloud

Python combines remarkable power with very ease, clear and style syntax, experience the power of python with Qfour,...

Our Journey


Qfour Learning Solutions is a subsidiary of Loginware Softtec Pvt. Ltd.
Since the incorporation of Loginware, it has conducted many student centered activities under a flagship program named Loginware Global Learning(LGL). From August 2019, all student activities of LGL is moved to Qfour Learning Solutions.

Our achievements so far :

  • Trained 5000+ Students
  • 40+ Academic Clients
  • 25+ On Campus Technology Workshops
  • 10+ Team Members

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About Us


Qfour Learing

A Subsidiary of Loginware Softtec Pvt. Ltd.
Qfour Learning Solutions is a Technology Training and Consulting firm.
Qfour has dedicated minds striving to connect individuals with each other and with technology.

We offer a wide array of Training Solutions in the field of Embedded systems which includes Hardware, Firmware, Linux System Software, Machine Learning and Internet of Things

  • On Campus Technology Training and Workshops
  • Domain Specific in house Training
  • Corporate and Professional Training


Qfour is one of the global leader in providing cutting quality embedded training courses for an efficient industrial performance keeping in mind the needs of the industry in the field of embedded systems,Automotive and IOT. The training program is completely shaped to accomplish all the requirements of begineers well as proffessionals.


Technical education was thoroughly reorganized giving importance o science and technology, Qfour's experimental learning plays a vital role in human resources development of the country by creating skilled manpower, enhancing industrial productivity and improving the quality of Engineers.


HQ | loginware Softtec Pvt Ltd

40/163, 1st Floor, Opp Bharat Associates, BM Road Boovanahalli, Hassan, Karnataka 573201,
Ph no: 7996990246, 9844087241


CO | loginware Softtec Pvt Ltd

#428, 3rd Floor, Glass House,11th Cross, 3rd Main, Opp.Road to Radiant Apartment,
Suncity, Kengeri Satellite Town, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560060,
Ph no: 9916609819, 9844087241